Our Mission

We work to empower and uplift everyday people to live financially free.

We Understand

Credit problems are frequently due to unforeseeable life circumstances like medical issues, unemployment, or divorce. We’re here to help you minimize the impact of these problems.

Your Advocate

You don’t have to face the credit bureaus alone. Put our professional experience to work for you. We know the procedures that compel the credit bureaus to remove your inaccuracies. 

Personal Service

With Credit Physicians, you won’t be left wondering about your next step or the status of your case. We’ll be with you from start to finish, just a phone call or message away. 

Our Core Values

Serving You

We want to earn your trust and let you rest assured that your credit is in the right hands. From our online portal, providing you 24/7 support, to our personal availability to answer your questions, we work to be your partners in better credit. 


We believe in fair and transparent pricing policies, and not upfront charges or unclear costs. You’ll never be unpleasantly surprised by hidden fees. We work to provide you the greatest value for your investment in us.

Providing Value

We seek to make a lasting impact on your life. On top of our credit repair services that remove negative information from your credit reports, the tools and educational resources we provide help you build on your better credit scores for life. 

Personal Touch

You deserve to talk to actual people when you call. We’ll answer your questions directly, provide you our expertise and guidance, and keep eyes on your case file regularly. You’re never just a case number to us.

Tangible Results

We do more than merely manipulate a few numbers. Our clients tell us that our credit repair services have changed their lives, enabling them to buy the home of their dreams, the vehicle they always wanted, or help them save for their children’s college. 

Empowering You

We provide credit repair advocacy, expert guidance, educational tools, and exclusive credit-building opportunities to empower you to take control of your credit and finances. We help you make your dreams into goals, your goals into plans, and your plans into reality.