Credit Monitoring

We not only help you repair your credit, but we offer solutions to help build your credit.

Get your 3 Credit Reports and Scores Delivered In Seconds!
IdentityIQ Credit Preferred

Rent Reporting services will verify past and future rent payments with landlords, and report them on your credit report.

Why Check Your Score

Your credit score indicates your credit-worthiness. Good credit is important because:

  • You save money
  • Reduced interest rates
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Lower fees
  • You qualify for higher credit limits
  • Employers check credit reports

What Affects Your Score

  • Length of Credit History – 10%
  • New Credit – 10%
  • Types Of Credit Used – 10%
  • Amounts Owed – 30%
  • Payment History – 35%

Get Identity Theft Protection

Protect your identity with the following benefits:

  • Daily credit monitoring & alerts
  • Fraud Alert Assistance
  • Identity Theft Insurance*
  • Identity Theft Restoration Services

*Underwritten by AIG.

With SmartCredit®, our goal is to provide you with a simple platform for your money and credit all in one place, and with innovative tools to help you rest assured that your credit accounts are being monitored 24/7.

Control your future credit score!™

With tools such as ScoreTracker, ScoreBuilder®, and ScoreMaster®, you can now track your credit scores easier than ever before and see what is helping or hurting your credit score. Also, use our, Action buttons to easily communicate directly with your creditors, and be on your way to becoming the master of your future credit score.

Money Manager

All your online banking in one place. Use action buttons to quickly ask questions and resolve problems.

Smart Credit Report®

A simple and innovative way to view your credit report. Use action buttons to quickly ask questions and resolve problems.

Alerts & Insurance

Your mobile or email Alerts have action buttons to quickly ask questions and resolve problems.
Plus, you get $1 million identity fraud insurance for your whole family.

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