Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I expect results?
In as little as 35 days! After we send your first dispute letters to the credit bureaus, they have 35-45 days to respond. We often get them to delete at least some negative items on the first try.
What kind of negative items can you remove?
Collections, late payments, chargeoffs, public records, personal data — all of these items and more must be completely accurate and verifiable or be removed, per the Fair Credit Reporting Act. We use our experience with consumer protection laws like the FCRA to get you the credit you’re entitled to!
What if my negative items are correct?
We do everything lawfully possible to help you get the best credit. That starts with making sure your credit is 100% verifiable and accurate. However, that’s not the end. We have methods of directly disputing with your creditors and collection agencies and ensure they follow the law to the letter.
What is a “frivolous” credit bureau response.
The credit bureau is claiming that your dispute is unclear, unspecific, or false. However, they’ve been known to do this as a stall tactic. We use expert strategies to address such stall tactics and enforce your right to the deletion of inaccuracies and unverifiable items.
Can’t you request my credit report on my behalf?
As a financial services company, if we request your credit reports, it could result in a “hard” inquiry that reduces your credit scores by several points.

However, you can request your credit reports yourself as often as you want without any affect your credit scores.

Are you going to bill me in advance?
No, never. As a business, our first priority is compliance with all Federal regulations, which prohibit credit repair companies from billing you in advance. With us, you’ll only pay for services rendered, with clear pricing and no hidden costs or fees.