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Credit Repair Services

We repair and rebuild your credit profile, not only by removing errors and unverifiable items, but also helping you understand credit and use it wisely.

Improve Your Credit

Delete incorrect, out-of-date, or incomplete items reporting against you.


Rebuild Your Credit

Rebuild your credit using proven strategies personalized to your needs.

Credit Education

Become financially healthy and independent for life with credit education.

Tools & Resources

Get exclusive credit-building offers and tools to speed up your credit recovery.

24/7 Online Portal

Access to your credit case file, check your progress, and use custom tools online.

Customer Support

Professional support to answer your questions and help you keep improving.

Our Credit Repair Process Works

Expert Analysis

Our trained credit repair professionals will examine your credit report in detail to uncover disputable information.

Credit Disputes

We send the credit bureaus customized disputes on your behalf, enforcing your consumer protection rights.

Dispute Escalation

If the bureaus fail to respond appropriately, we escalate the process with direct disputes to your creditors.

Graduation Success

Our credit education and exclusive resources help you make the most of your rejuivinated credit for lifetime success.

Public Records

Judgments, Bankruptcies, and more! Having public records against you is hard enough, it is even worse when they are inaccurate and impacting your scores worse than they should. We can help remove public records that are inaccurate and unverifiable from your credit...

Late Payments & More

Late Payments! It is possible for late payments to show up on your credit report that are not accurate or have not followed the Fair Credit Billing Act. We can help remove the inaccurate items from your credit!

Delete Collections

Personal Data Correcting personal information on your credit report is part of how the credit bureaus determine what is reported. Having the right data ensures that accounts that are yours are the only ones showing.

Personal Data

Personal Data Correcting personal information on your credit report is part of how the credit bureaus determine what is reported. Having the right data ensures that accounts that are yours are the only ones showing.

Remove Unauthorized Inquiries

Inquiry Removal Removing inquiries on your credit report helps lenders trust that you are not adding unknown credit accounts to your credit report. If your credit report has a large number of inquiries it could impact your ability to get financing!

Charged Off Accounts

Charge-Offs Deleted Charged off accounts have a massive impact on your credit scores. When we find errors or outdated information we are able to get them removed from your credit report!

Our Satisfied Clients

See for yourself what our past clients have to say about our results.

Very Pleased!!!

Very pleased with the results that I received from Credit Physicians. The increase in my credit scores far exceeded my expectations. It was a pleasure working with Credit Physicians. They are professional, knowledgeable and he provided great customer service throughout the process.

Rachel, Satisfied Client

I’ve Noticed Many Deletions

I have been using Credit Physicians service for the last past year. I’ve noticed many deletions on my credit report since beginning the cleanup. But most importantly, I was able to get a personal loan for my education. I am well on my way to clean credit and my nursing degree! Thanks Credit Physicians!

OMAR, Happy Client

Reasonable and Effective

Credit Physicians is reasonable and once you finish your payment plan he continues to work on your behalf. Thank You Credit Physicians for getting me where I need to be… If you are looking to get your credit history back on track, give Credit Physicians a call!

ALEX, Client

How Our Credit Repair Process Works

Our years of credit and finance experience have helped us develop a process that consistently produces great results for our clients!

Credit Report Review

Our team is here to review your credit report with you and explain how we can help

Credit Audit

You receive a complete audit of your credit report with steps for improvements

Credit Repair

We prepare and send personalized dispute letters to your creditors and bureaus

Credit Building

Use our trusted resources to build your credit and improve your credit worthiness

Credit Repair Pricing

Services Priced to Fit Your Needs

Your goals and needs are as unique as you are. To address the specifics of your situation, the cost of our services is based on the amount of work you need to achieve your financial goals. Contact us today for a free consultation to find out how affordable it is to improve your credit.

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