Reasonable and Effective

Credit Physicians is reasonable and once you finish your payment plan he continues to work on your behalf. Thank You Credit Physicians for getting me where I need to be… If you are looking to get your credit history back on track, give Credit Physicians a call!

– Alex


Truly grateful for Credit Physicians

Finding an honest company to repair credit is extremely difficult. I had a terrible experience hiring the wrong company, until I found Credit Physicians. Adam Gamez has worked with me diligently for the last couple of months and my credit score has already increased. Thank you for the time, patience, guidance and honesty.

– Anell


I recommend

I absolutely recommend this company to anyone seeking to repair their credit. In only a couple of months my credit has gone up significantly. They have walked me through and are always happy to help. Adam is very helpful and always answers every question even on weekends. Amazing staff and excellent service. I am another VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!! 

– Maysa



What an amazing trustworthy company. Ask for Adam Gamez, when it comes to this company it’s not just about seeing how much they can make off you but seeing what they can do for the customer. 

– Anthony


A true blessing for our family!

We used multiple companies in the past and paid thousands of dollars with zero to no progress (even paying fees for deletions on top of service fees). Adam was clear on pricing from day one, never taking advantage of us and has always charged us fairly. We are forever grateful for the hard work he has done to clean up our credit and guide us on properly obtaining great scores from the 400s up to the high 600s and even 700s. I

– Karysa


Very Pleased

Very pleased with the results that I received from Credit Physicians. The increase in my credit scores far exceeded my expectations. It was a pleasure working with Credit Physicians. They are professional, knowledgeable and he provided great customer service throughout the process.

– Rachel


Helped me reach my goal

My goal was to be debt free by 2020 and thanks to Credit Physicians I was able to achieve it. Within the same day they settled my debt and now I’m debt free. Forever grateful for them, their customer service is outstanding and they genuinely care about their clients. I highly recommend them. If you have any concerns about your credit or debt contact them, trust me you won’t regret it !

– Yessenia


Beyond welcoming

Adam at Credit Physicians has been beyond welcoming and helpful. Going through these types of situations can make you feel embarrassed or scared of the unknown, however, this whole process has made us feel confident in these new decisions and hope to have our problems resolved.

– Julie


The best company for you credit needs

They assess your credit and give you an honest answer of what they can help with, making the process as easy as possible. Adam is awesome! I will recommend them to anyone who needs help with their credit!

– Monica


We were able to buy our first home!!

Embarrassed to say my credit was very low ! And at the time i was using another Credit repair company that wasn’t showing me any results! I met Adam and he asked me to give him and his company a chance to help bring my scores up and thats just what he did!!! In about a year with Adam my scores went up to 700s and we were able to buy our first home!!! And right after that i bought my dodge ram 1500 !!!

– Joe